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Morse Lumber
340 West Main Street
Rochester, NY

Morse Sash & Door
40 Jarley Road
Rochester, NY

Morse Lumber

Morse Lumber Sales Team

Chuck Buscemi, Outside Sales

Email Chuck
Phone: 585-445-2002
Cell: 585-739-0513

Todd Cymerman, Outside Sales

Email Todd
Phone: 585-445-2004
Cell: 585-721-5029

Bruce DeJuilo, Outside Sales

Email Bruce
Phone: 585-445-2005
Cell: 585-734-4636

Bow Morse, Outside Sales

Email Bow
Phone: 585-445-2055

Cell: 585-738-9928

Dave Mahon, Outside Sales

Email Dave

Phone: 585-445-2015
Cell: 585-732-9663

Denny Schultz, Outside Sales

Email Denny

Phone: 585-445-2016
Cell: 585-202-3061

Rick Vokes, Outside Sales

Email Rick

Phone: 585-445-2017
Cell: 585-202-3053

Joe DeRosa, Inside Sales

Email Joe
Phone: 585-267-8584

Rufus Bynum, Inside Sales

Email Rufus
Phone: 585-445-2003

Lyndsey Bakos-Schneider, Structural Engineer

Email Lyndsey

Phone: 585-267-8585

Morse Lumber Office Team

Bill Morse, Chairman

Email Bill
Phone: 585-445-2010
Cell: 585-721-7020

Pat Clancy, Vice President

Email Pat
Phone: 585-445-2047
Cell: 585-721-7073

Jennifer Notebaert, Office Manager

Email Jennifer
Phone: 585-445-2012
Cell: 585-705-4490

Peter Van Schie, Purchaser

Email Peter
Phone: 585-445-2014

Nan Dobbins, Accounts Payable

Email Nan
Phone: 585-445-2007

Missy Luckenbach, Accounts Receivable

Email Missy

Phone: 585-445-2001

Hannah DeMay, Marketing & Administrative Coordinator

Email Hannah

Phone: 585-267-8583

Steve Phelps, Dispatch

Email Steve
Phone: 585-445-2020

Victoria Haines, Expeditor

Email Victoria

Phone: 585-445-2019

Cell: 585-319-0014

Randy Freeman, Operations Manager

Email Randy

Phone: 585-445-2018

Cell: 585-746-3104

Morse Property Service

Mike Morse

Email Mike
Phone: 585-445-2011
Cell: 585-737-0083

Morse Sash & Door

Morse Sash & Door Sales Team

Greg Conklin, Outside Sales

Email Greg 

Phone: 585-785-2624

Cell: 585-734-0790

Jay Phillips, Outside Sales

Email Jay
Phone: 585-794-5801
Cell: 585-260-2058

John Drexler, Outside Sales

Email John
Phone: 585-445-2048
Cell: 585-752-6668

Pete Steltman, Kitchen Department Manager

Email Pete
Phone: 585-445-2064
Cell: 585-532-2049

Jennifer Richards, Kitchen Sales

Email Jennifer
Phone: 585-794-5793
Cell: 585-259-8431

Robin Doctor, Commercial Project Manager

Email Robin
Phone: 585-794-5788
Cell: 585-362-0421

Kent Walters, Commercial Department Manager

Email Kent
Phone: 585-794-5791
Cell: 585-303-9636

Kevin Bird, Commercial Project Manager

Email Kevin

Phone: 585-445-2056
Cell: 585-202-3109

Frank Duma, Commercial Project Manager

Email Frank

Phone: 585-794-5792
Cell: 585-705-8336

Kerri Cavanaugh, Commercial Project Manager

Email Kerri
Phone: 585-445-2052

Cell: 585-766-4612

Cathy Musso, Commercial Estimator

Email Cathy
Phone: 585-785-2627

Cell: 585-303-3453

Scott Gordon, Commercial Estimator

Email Scott

Phone: 585-794-5802

Keith Holcomb, Commerical Estimator

Email Keith 

Phone: 585-794-5789

Cell: 585-737-4024


Bill Ritter, Sales Support

Email Bill

Phone: 585-445-2061

Cell: 585-260-2258

Erik Minster, Sales Support

Email Erik
Phone: 585-445-2054
Cell: 585-301-3716

Larry DeRue, Sales Support

Email Larry
Phone: 585-445-2063

Mark McIntee, Sales Support

Email Mark
Phone: 585-445-2053
Cell: 585-303-3321

Bill Rietz, Inside Sales

Email Bill

Phone: 585-445-2049
Cell: 585-465-2304

Quinn Tyler, Inside Sales

Email Quinn

Phone: 585-445-2051

Pete Aloi, Inside Sales

Email Pete

Phone: 585-445-2065

Morse Sash & Door Office Team

Wally Morse, President

Email Wally
Phone: 585-445-2058
Cell: 585-721-7021

Todd Ward, Purchaser

Email Todd
Phone: 585-445-2064

Terry Beach, Dispatch

Email Terry
Phone: 585-445-2045
Cell: 585-721-4957

Adam Drexler, Receiving

Email Adam 
Phone: 585-445-2044

Scott Notebaert, Mill Foreman

Email Scott
Phone: 585-445-2059
Cell: 585-734-2220

Mitch Freier, Service

Email Mitch
Phone: 585-794-5790
Cell: 585-261-4783

Lynn Morse, Receptionist

Email Lynn
Phone: 585-445-2057

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