Stock to Custom Cabinetry

There are many different categories of cabinetry. They vary in intended use, cost, style and options. The basic points of each group are:

  • Stock Cabinetry- These cabinets are available in limited sizes, options, wood species and colors. No modification or customizations is available. This is often the most cost effective option for limited budgets.
  • Semi-custom Cabinetry- This category of cabinetry has far more standard offerings in terms of sizing, accessories, wood species and colors. These cabinets are made to order. Many offer custom colors. These lines also offer the option of modifying the cabinet box to fit specific size and organizational configurations. This is the mid-range of cabinetry.
  • Custom Cabinetry- As the name implies- they are custom made. If you can dream it- they can make it. The more custom the cabinet is, the longer it will take to make. Custom cabinets by their nature are unique and the price will be affected by this as well.