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Morse Lumber
340 West Main Street
Rochester, NY

Morse Sash & Door
40 Jarley Road
Rochester, NY


Innovative Design Trends to Last Another Century and a Half

For the Contractor we provide: For the Homeowner we provide:
 Detailed renderings of the cabinetry layout & sizes
 Material list with location notes
 Working drawings for all field built details
 Site visits
 Quick lead times
 An experienced design team
 Expert product knowledge
 A comprehensive knowledge of the installation process
 Schedule coordination and assistance for your contractor
 Measuring and assistance in the field
 Financing


Acquiring a beautiful design is just the beginning of the knowledge and expertise you will need. Your design and product providers should understand how the installation needs to be performed. With this in mind, the Morse Company is dedicated to providing the skilled professionals your investment requires.

How do you start the process?
Visit us in person!                          or                          ►Visit our E-Showroom!

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